...outstanding at all levels of responsibility.

Product Innovation


* the introduction of this concept was by Richard Foster, in “The S-curve: A New Forecasting Tool.” Chapter 4 in Innovation, The Attacker’s Advantage, Summit Books, New York, pp. 88-111, 1986.


Career at RCA/GE/Sarnoff

Paul started his professional career as a researcher at RCA Laboratories in 1979.  RCA was acquired by GE in 1986.  GE donated RCA Laboratories in 1987 to SRI International (non-profit).  RCA Laboratories became the David Sarnoff Research Center (a wholly for-profit subsidiary of SRI International).  Paul moved into program management, systems, and product development as Sarnoff embarked on a commercialization spinout strategy during the ‘90s.  The company name was changed to Sarnoff Corporation in 1997.  Paul’s career continued to advance, gaining valuable product development experience in several different technologies and marketplaces with increasing responsibilities.

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